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Spotlight on Jeremy Holliday!


Jeremy Holliday is a Savannah native and comes to us with remarkable qualifications, but more importantly, he has an absolute passion for metal.  From around the age of 11 years old, he worked alongside both his Grandfather – a boilermaker and his Father – a millwright/machinist.   After a few years of college, Jeremy realized that the path he wished to follow was that which he knew best and was well adapted to.  So began his career as a union apprentice trained pipe/structural welder, an industrial pipe fitter/steamfitter and a millwright.  It is because of these experiences after working with Thunderbolt Marine for 2 years, Jeremy was promoted to Metal Dept. Supervisor.

With a privately owned side business for small boat and outboard repairs, he realized the long hours were more of a commitment for a married man with 3 children and a close-knit family life than he was willing to forfeit.  He therefore channeled his energy into pursuing a professional career in metal work, which brought him to TMI where he has undergone qualifications to boost his already impressive resume including Lloyds/ABS certifications on most welding processes and materials.  Recently he undertook a marine specific supervisory course in Rhode Island with ABBRA (American Boat Builders & Repairers Association) to learn more about managing his new role as a Supervisor in this industry.

Jeremy said that what he loves most about working at TMI are the diverse situations he faces on a daily basis, which are unique to the yachting industry and the atmosphere in the work place where his relationship with his coworkers and the customers is the best he has experienced in 20 years of work.  He is a problem solver and enjoys the challenges afforded to him where no two boats and no two problems are the same.  That great quality coupled with his positive attitude, are some of the reasons he recently climbed the ladder!



Visit ABBRA’s page to learn more!

TMI Summer Special 2019

You can still benefit from this money saving offer of a  free haul and launch in our Travelift for any vessel who schedules and completes a bottom coating before the end of August 2019.

Call us now to schedule your appointment – 1.912.352.4931.

Time is limited.  Space is limited.

**The Travelift can accommodate vessels up to 100 ft / 150 tons.

Kerry Gonzalez – AMG Insurance International


Since our first introduction to Kerry a few years ago at the West Palm Beach boat show, we realized that the opportunity to do business with someone of such great integrity could be of a mutual benefit.  Kerry is likely no stranger to many of you as she hosted the sponsored happy hour at the Megadock in Charleston for 3 years.  Now based in West Palm Beach, the business she jointly owns with her mechanical/aerospace engineer husband Tony, was “established to fill the relationship gap in the marine insurance industry”.

She was brought up in Canada and struggled with hardships no child of her age should ever have to endure, but through sheer determination and a remarkable perseverance, she overcame many personal obstacles – as she was then (and is now) a character driven by challenges and an ongoing need to assist people in whatever way she might, with struggles of their own – through her background in both the legal system and International Ministry.  Kerry studied in Chicago having been awarded a full ride scholarship after finishing high school in Canada, 3 years early!  Kerry has contributed to the police and social workers in a voluntary capacity to develop a program for homeless teenagers to assist them with learning essential life survival skills like budgeting and career planning – and she works equally hard in business helping people navigate their way through the marine insurance brokerage industry which is not only confusing, but often cut-throat.  In Kerry’s words, it is through her education in Ministry and Law that “there is an outpouring of both in her business approach” and that she “never compromises integrity and a value for people”.

She and Tony have 5 children, 3 of whom are in the US military and 4 grandchildren.  She is a passionate vegetable gardener, an avid swimmer, a community helper and a staunch advocate for paying things forward which is so very obvious in not only her approach to life, but also her approach to business.  Boat ownership can be risky, but choosing your insurance broker doesn’t have to be.

If you are considering contacting Kerry but like to be a bit more informed before doing so – please read the following which she was kind enough to share with me.

“AMG Insurance International is in business to change the landscape of the marine insurance industry.  There is no other brokerage like them; they assist marine facilities with implementation of storm planning and development initiatives that have unparalleled impact on insurance rates.  They will work with your staff to have the ‘best in class’ safety standards and training.  They will review contracts for compliance and reassurance that you are ‘covered’ outside of the insurance policy.  When a Named Storm is moving in, you will have preparation calls with AMG Insurance beforehand and they will play a key role with you even after a storm.  Their leadership has written feature articles for Passage Maker and Waterway Guide and they are committed to entrepreneurial servitude.  AMG leaders are honorary members of many Power Squadron chapters, sponsors of youth safety days on the water, volunteers with the American Red Cross for disaster support and support for FEMA when FEMA can’t respond in a timely manner.  Currently under consideration for a federal committee position with the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, AMG Insurance spends countless hours each week helping yacht owners of all sizes with a comprehensive understanding and execution of storm plans that put both the vessel and the general public in a safer place.  Every single customer of AMG Insurance International receives ‘whistles for life’.  A ‘whistle for life’ has a clip to connect to each life jacket and is guaranteed for life to be waterproof, rustproof and erosion proof.  It is endorsed by the military and all first responders.  As the only known female minority owned contractor registered with the federal government, AMG Insurance is aligned with the best partners to make a difference in the marine industry.  They are licensed in almost every State in the country as well as in foreign markets.  Their markets include many syndicates of Lloyds of London, where they can insure just about any marine facility, product, work or service for almost any peril that keeps you awake at night.  Please consider partnering with AMG Insurance International as your ‘outsourced internal risk manager’ on the water!”



Thunderbolt Marine Inc is very pleased to announce the recent business association with the “Essence of Strength”, a British company based just north of London who design a line of high end, semi-custom made carbon furniture.  Kristian Arens whose background in both industrial and superyacht design, is the creator of the limited edition super lightweight bespoke pieces.  Together with his partner Clive Johnson, an entrepreneur with tremendous experience in composite products within the superyacht market, the dynamic duo who have been featured in many periodicals and on websites worldwide, have achieved the ability to manipulate carbon fiber as the main component in their unique pieces of furniture, rather than more simply, as a complementary accent.  TMI would be delighted to assist customers interested in these magnificent pieces of functional art, accomplish their goals.

“Essence of Strength is an exciting new British company who design and manufacture mesmerising modern furniture using high-tech carbon composites.

The contemporary, gravity defying furniture uses natural curves to deliver inherent strength while the advanced composite materials enable cantilevered forms to push design parameters to support varying human postures. The designs are a true engineering accomplishment, delivering simplistic, luxurious elegance.

Created by the British industrial designer, Kristian Arens, the limited edition, semi-custom collection comprises a Chaise Longue, Cobra High Stool and a range of super lightweight carbon Aero Benches. The products contrast novel carbon fibre technologies with hand crafted leather and wood veneers and are designed in Great Britain and manufactured using high-tech composite skills combined with artisan craftsmen for the bespoke finishes.

Taking structural inspiration from natural organic forms, these highly engineered designs use a complex and intricate alignment of carbon threads to create fluidity of shape whilst ensuring incredible strength, super-thin profiles, and feather-like weight.

The EOS Chaise Longue is the ultimate celebration of how material engineering is beautiful. Embracing and celebrating the extraordinary structural properties of carbon fiber, the sweeping unsupported structure would quite simply not be possible to achieve in any other material.

Contrasted with exquisite leather finishing, this limited-edition piece is made for those looking to enjoy a piece of functional art that is truly unique, and exceptional.



The Chaise Longue is a limited edition piece that is fully customizable with a range of leather finishes suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement

Inspired by a simple structural flowing ribbon form, the Cobra High Stool supports the weight of a sitting person with complete comfort and stability.  Defying normal design parameters, the elegant cobra like structure  is made possible by the use of ultra-high-tech carbon composite materials. The mesmerizingly thin structure looks as venomous as it is elegant. Simple, black and incredibly striking!



The Aero Bench range offers three sizes of ultra-lightweight, Aerofoil section carbon benches that are able to support incredible weights due to the complex engineering design and manufacturing technologies.

These low volume production pieces are incredibly versatile, ideal for use inside or out and look great as a cluster or individually.

The Aero Bench is available in three sizes; Small 600, Medium 1200 and Large 2000 and comes with a choice of raw carbon, leather or wood veneer finish.

This exciting new British company is drawing on the combined talents of Kristian Arens, a highly experienced industrial and superyacht designer with expertise in advanced composite materials together with Clive Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record in delivering highly bespoke advanced composite products for ultra-high net worth individuals, including the world’s two largest carbon composite sailing rigs.

This hugely experienced partnership has a passion and ambition to design bespoke and truly iconic contemporary furniture using a mix of ultra-modern carbon composites married with exquisite wood and leather.

Essence of Strength enables those with a desire for unique, bespoke and iconic furniture built from advanced carbon technologies to be designed, commissioned and realized”.

Essence of Strength is being supported by HM Government’s Local Growth Fund through the Solent LEP.


In these last 6 months, visiting yacht crew and Thunderbolt Marine employees have generously answered the call to help improve the quality of lives of many who were affected by the recent hurricanes in both Texas and Georgia.  Thanks to Paula Reinitz (Accounts Payable), we embarked upon a massive drive to gather much needed goods for those in devastated areas where provisions and supplies were exhausted in the wake of Harvey.  Her request garnered remarkable support from so many here who were able to search their hearts and closets for everyday necessities like food and toiletries – things we all take for granted until we are without.  Little did we know at that time in late August, that we would be requesting similar once again for those in our own area affected by hurricane Irma.  

The depths of some people’s kindness knows no bounds and for the holidays this year, we rallied together to “adopt angels” through the Salvation Army.  Again, boat crew and yard employees did us all proud!  We had bicycles and scooters, and tablets, and toys, and clothing, and games, and balls for every sport, treasures for all ages and for all sizes lining the corridors of the Project Management offices here at TMI.  Our contact for the charity was entirely overwhelmed with the response as were our customers and subcontractors who dipped into their pockets offering cash, checks and even more toys!

Our most sincere thanks to all of those who participated in this program as your tangible contributions will make a huge difference to little ones in our area, but I hope that the act of giving gives you as great a reward as a new bike will to a 10 year old!

Wes Canady of Canady Signs. Com

Having always had more of an interest in designing graphics and doodling on his folders than a lean towards academics, Wes jumped with both feet first into his planned future, by starting his own business the minute he left high school.  Having previously worked for years with his cousin Mark who taught him the basics of the sign industry – in a day when all pieces were hand lettered with paint and brushes, the technique now seems entirely antiquated, but of course there is still a small market for everything “old style” and Wes still possesses the skills, if the demand is there.

Canady Signs opened in 1991 and now mostly caters to the boating industry, but a good deal of his business still stems from store front signs and on vehicles as he had an 8 year hiatus learning to paint cars. Though TMI and other nautical ventures keep him busy, his largest and most regular account is with Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah.  Wes offers a comprehensive array of services, but for TMI customers, he predominantly focuses on or is requested to renew or replace existing lighted signs, decals, hailing ports or even design something entirely new for a recently purchased vessel with a name change.

Wes operates his business alone, but occasionally recruits a helper, sometimes even calling upon his wife to lend a hand!  A family man at heart, he dedicates a large part of his free time to his 13 year old son’s pursuit of sports – particularly basketball and soccer.  Wes and his wife believe that Evan has the talent and interest required to go on professionally in the field of athletics. His family and his 2 Beagles (Max & Mabel) keep him busy enough that his own passion for golfing is taking a backseat to their combined mutual interests, often with the dogs getting first choice for some group activities!

His great pal, Billy Gartside of Waterline-Up (who is scheduled to feature in a future TMI newsletter) recommended Wes’ services to a few in the yard.  Word got around and not before long, Canady Signs was a regular at our facility.  Wes says he owes Billy big thanks for introducing him to TMI, but it would seem that we owe Billy too!

TMI Support: Coastal Concepts Inc

Robert  Clements, founder and sole owner of Coastal Concepts Inc., was born in Savannah but spent his formative years in Marlow, GA., a land locked town NW of Guyton.   He returned to his hometown in 1970 where he was able to pursue his interest in all things “boat” and was able to indulge in water sports, a particularly favorite pass time.  In 1978, he started making acrylic windshields on a homemade bending table during his spare time.  He posted an ad in a local newspaper and found the response so overwhelming that he had to decide between his day job and his hobby.  He told me that he  “likes everything he does” and went on further  to say that “it doesn’t seem like work if you enjoy what you do”.  A good thought to live by on all accounts.

Trained by a certified installer using Sika Flex products and further certified by Sika Flex themselves to install glass and acrylic panels, Robert keeps busy all year around and practically every day of the week. He tries to leave Sundays free for family time and/or working on cars as he is passionate about building Hot Rods and everything Motocross.

Robert has 3 sons and a daughter.  Two of his boys are college students still living at home; the older of the two at 21 is studying Structural Engineering and the other at only 18,  is taking a course in Certified Welding.

Though known to us for his marine related repair skills, his business also covers residential and commercial needs.  He has 2 helpers for bigger jobs, though often works alone and primarily focuses on glass replacement, plastic fabrication, finish caulking, mirrors, shower doors, glass scratch removal & polishing, and automatic door repairs.

The biggest job he undertook here at TMI was on a 154 ft Alloy motor yacht where he replaced all the windows on the superstructure, the largest being around 900 lbs.   Though he has no plans at the moment to expand, it seems to me, perhaps he should!

Spotlight on Judy & Mark Godwin (Upholstery/Canvas)

Judy and Mark both enjoyed fairly diverse backgrounds prior to working at Thunderbolt Marine in the Canvas & Upholstery Department since 2013/14.  Judy hailed from Ohio – a far cry from ocean and the associated nautical demands of stitching and Mark worked for several local yacht builders before they met in 2002 when their stars aligned (as did their careers) and they joined a company known to many as Sea Stitch, but now part of Thunderbolt Marine.  Having been married since 2010 and working for the same business, they are together 24/7 – not unlike many boat crew couples which can prove difficult for some, but not for these two who complement each other’s skills harmoniously both professionally and personally!

Mark processes and installs all the canvas covers (like Bimini tops and covers for example) that Judy, as the seamstress, makes with passion she nurtured 35 years ago.  Having been involved in many big projects since joining the TMI team, they both enjoy the challenge that each task presents even when the deadline is tight.

Their granddaughter Makayla who is their proud and joy, is now 17 and a senior at Islands High School.  She has been in their care and loved as their own child since she was 6 years old.  When they have a quiet moment, they travel to their “retreat” in Helen, GA  to get away from their Wilmington Island life with Makayla and their other two “kids” – Misty (a 10 year old Shih-tzu) and Skittles (a 6 year old Yorkie).

Mark particularly wanted to add that among their many combined achievements, he felt that wearing the TMI uniform was one of his personal greatest!!


TMI Support: Roxtec Inc.,

For nearly 5 years, Sarah Mueller has been providing technical expertise and safety-focused solutions for cable and pipe transits to the shipyards and marine contractors in the Southeast US.   As the electronic and mechanical systems on today’s yachts become more advanced, upgrades to these systems are frequent.  In many cases, the components of these systems transition between watertight and fire boundaries and must be properly sealed to meet USCG and Class Society approvals. These are required to provide the owners of the vessels with reliable and safe transit systems.

Originally from Michigan and now living in Charleston, SC, Sarah frequently visits TMI to provide the marine engineers and installers with up-to-date product and approval information.   She also works with the TMI team on special projects, engineered solutions, and teaching the proper procedures for installing the Roxtec System.   With TMI’s expertise and reputation as the leading, world-class yacht repair facility on the eastern seaboard and Roxtec being the world leader in cable and pipe seals, Sarah has been able to help increase the abilities of TMI, keeping both companies on the forefront of the yacht repair industry.


TMI Support – Fleming Marine Composites

At just 17 and just out of high school but with a passionate interest for  building boats, Reid secured a 4 year apprenticeship in carbon/composites with the world renowned McConaghy Boats in Australia.  After gaining experience on some high profile names like Alfa Romeo and Wild Oats XI, Reid backpacked around Europe working with racing teams before setting up his own business in Riviera Beach, Florida in 2011.  Shortly after meeting his business partner Martin Ford, Fleming Marine Composites expanded and still in its relative infancy, now has 7 employees in Florida – and further, expanding into Georgia, where FMC hired 3 employees to manage the work an association he formed with Thunderbolt Marine, brings in.  Reid and his partner Martin both divide their time between the two locations, working hands on along with their team on any size boat.  Their interest to work with a well-known yard, the customer’s requirements and our own needs for FMC’s level of skill has proved successful for all parties involved.  Most recently, they repaired a delaminated section measuring 10’ x 30’ in size on a 105’ Windship sailing vessel here at TMI.

Using only the latest technology in composites and tooling to ensure the highest quality end product in an efficient timeframe, FMC take pride in their professional commitment to their customers.  The FMC team has diverse experience in repairs and modifications on both racing and luxury yachts, and some of the best sports fishing boats on the water today.  They pride themselves in providing their customers with only the best materials and components, all the while aiming to remain in the forefront of composite component manufacturing.