Spotlight on Jeremy Holliday!


Jeremy Holliday is a Savannah native and comes to us with remarkable qualifications, but more importantly, he has an absolute passion for metal.  From around the age of 11 years old, he worked alongside both his Grandfather – a boilermaker and his Father – a millwright/machinist.   After a few years of college, Jeremy realized that the path he wished to follow was that which he knew best and was well adapted to.  So began his career as a union apprentice trained pipe/structural welder, an industrial pipe fitter/steamfitter and a millwright.  It is because of these experiences after working with Thunderbolt Marine for 2 years, Jeremy was promoted to Metal Dept. Supervisor.

With a privately owned side business for small boat and outboard repairs, he realized the long hours were more of a commitment for a married man with 3 children and a close-knit family life than he was willing to forfeit.  He therefore channeled his energy into pursuing a professional career in metal work, which brought him to TMI where he has undergone qualifications to boost his already impressive resume including Lloyds/ABS certifications on most welding processes and materials.  Recently he undertook a marine specific supervisory course in Rhode Island with ABBRA (American Boat Builders & Repairers Association) to learn more about managing his new role as a Supervisor in this industry.

Jeremy said that what he loves most about working at TMI are the diverse situations he faces on a daily basis, which are unique to the yachting industry and the atmosphere in the work place where his relationship with his coworkers and the customers is the best he has experienced in 20 years of work.  He is a problem solver and enjoys the challenges afforded to him where no two boats and no two problems are the same.  That great quality coupled with his positive attitude, are some of the reasons he recently climbed the ladder!



Visit ABBRA’s page to learn more!