Kerry Gonzalez – AMG Insurance International


Since our first introduction to Kerry a few years ago at the West Palm Beach boat show, we realized that the opportunity to do business with someone of such great integrity could be of a mutual benefit.  Kerry is likely no stranger to many of you as she hosted the sponsored happy hour at the Megadock in Charleston for 3 years.  Now based in West Palm Beach, the business she jointly owns with her mechanical/aerospace engineer husband Tony, was “established to fill the relationship gap in the marine insurance industry”.

She was brought up in Canada and struggled with hardships no child of her age should ever have to endure, but through sheer determination and a remarkable perseverance, she overcame many personal obstacles – as she was then (and is now) a character driven by challenges and an ongoing need to assist people in whatever way she might, with struggles of their own – through her background in both the legal system and International Ministry.  Kerry studied in Chicago having been awarded a full ride scholarship after finishing high school in Canada, 3 years early!  Kerry has contributed to the police and social workers in a voluntary capacity to develop a program for homeless teenagers to assist them with learning essential life survival skills like budgeting and career planning – and she works equally hard in business helping people navigate their way through the marine insurance brokerage industry which is not only confusing, but often cut-throat.  In Kerry’s words, it is through her education in Ministry and Law that “there is an outpouring of both in her business approach” and that she “never compromises integrity and a value for people”.

She and Tony have 5 children, 3 of whom are in the US military and 4 grandchildren.  She is a passionate vegetable gardener, an avid swimmer, a community helper and a staunch advocate for paying things forward which is so very obvious in not only her approach to life, but also her approach to business.  Boat ownership can be risky, but choosing your insurance broker doesn’t have to be.

If you are considering contacting Kerry but like to be a bit more informed before doing so – please read the following which she was kind enough to share with me.

“AMG Insurance International is in business to change the landscape of the marine insurance industry.  There is no other brokerage like them; they assist marine facilities with implementation of storm planning and development initiatives that have unparalleled impact on insurance rates.  They will work with your staff to have the ‘best in class’ safety standards and training.  They will review contracts for compliance and reassurance that you are ‘covered’ outside of the insurance policy.  When a Named Storm is moving in, you will have preparation calls with AMG Insurance beforehand and they will play a key role with you even after a storm.  Their leadership has written feature articles for Passage Maker and Waterway Guide and they are committed to entrepreneurial servitude.  AMG leaders are honorary members of many Power Squadron chapters, sponsors of youth safety days on the water, volunteers with the American Red Cross for disaster support and support for FEMA when FEMA can’t respond in a timely manner.  Currently under consideration for a federal committee position with the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, AMG Insurance spends countless hours each week helping yacht owners of all sizes with a comprehensive understanding and execution of storm plans that put both the vessel and the general public in a safer place.  Every single customer of AMG Insurance International receives ‘whistles for life’.  A ‘whistle for life’ has a clip to connect to each life jacket and is guaranteed for life to be waterproof, rustproof and erosion proof.  It is endorsed by the military and all first responders.  As the only known female minority owned contractor registered with the federal government, AMG Insurance is aligned with the best partners to make a difference in the marine industry.  They are licensed in almost every State in the country as well as in foreign markets.  Their markets include many syndicates of Lloyds of London, where they can insure just about any marine facility, product, work or service for almost any peril that keeps you awake at night.  Please consider partnering with AMG Insurance International as your ‘outsourced internal risk manager’ on the water!”