Ongoing Commitment to Service: Cabinetry Dept. Machine Upgrade.

Thunderbolt Marine is proud to announce that we will be adding a 3-axis CNC  (computer numerical control) router to our inventory in mid-January.  The industrial sized CNC router that is manufactured in Cartersville, right here in Georgia,  has a 5’ x 10’ bed with an 8” vertical travel.   Furthermore,  the CNC router is equipped with a probe for digital scanning and copy routing.

With our new router,  we expect to reduce time producing a vast variety of items such as panel cutting, molding making, jigs, plugs, molds and acrylic nesting making.   However,  this wonderful machine has many more possibilities that our innovative craftsmen and customers alike,  are sure to explore.

This tool has long been on our wish list and we believe that combined with our existing skilled crafts, it will bring us up to date with today’s demands.