TMI Support: Roxtec Inc.,

For nearly 5 years, Sarah Mueller has been providing technical expertise and safety-focused solutions for cable and pipe transits to the shipyards and marine contractors in the Southeast US.   As the electronic and mechanical systems on today’s yachts become more advanced, upgrades to these systems are frequent.  In many cases, the components of these systems transition between watertight and fire boundaries and must be properly sealed to meet USCG and Class Society approvals. These are required to provide the owners of the vessels with reliable and safe transit systems.

Originally from Michigan and now living in Charleston, SC, Sarah frequently visits TMI to provide the marine engineers and installers with up-to-date product and approval information.   She also works with the TMI team on special projects, engineered solutions, and teaching the proper procedures for installing the Roxtec System.   With TMI’s expertise and reputation as the leading, world-class yacht repair facility on the eastern seaboard and Roxtec being the world leader in cable and pipe seals, Sarah has been able to help increase the abilities of TMI, keeping both companies on the forefront of the yacht repair industry.