TMI Support – Fleming Marine Composites

At just 17 and just out of high school but with a passionate interest for  building boats, Reid secured a 4 year apprenticeship in carbon/composites with the world renowned McConaghy Boats in Australia.  After gaining experience on some high profile names like Alfa Romeo and Wild Oats XI, Reid backpacked around Europe working with racing teams before setting up his own business in Riviera Beach, Florida in 2011.  Shortly after meeting his business partner Martin Ford, Fleming Marine Composites expanded and still in its relative infancy, now has 7 employees in Florida – and further, expanding into Georgia, where FMC hired 3 employees to manage the work an association he formed with Thunderbolt Marine, brings in.  Reid and his partner Martin both divide their time between the two locations, working hands on along with their team on any size boat.  Their interest to work with a well-known yard, the customer’s requirements and our own needs for FMC’s level of skill has proved successful for all parties involved.  Most recently, they repaired a delaminated section measuring 10’ x 30’ in size on a 105’ Windship sailing vessel here at TMI.

Using only the latest technology in composites and tooling to ensure the highest quality end product in an efficient timeframe, FMC take pride in their professional commitment to their customers.  The FMC team has diverse experience in repairs and modifications on both racing and luxury yachts, and some of the best sports fishing boats on the water today.  They pride themselves in providing their customers with only the best materials and components, all the while aiming to remain in the forefront of composite component manufacturing.