Employee Spotlight – Tony Heyden & Ryan Giles (Hydraulics Dept).

When TMI first opened its doors in October 2003, hydraulic tasks fell under the umbrella of the Machine Dept., until it was obvious there was a need for a separate department dedicated entirely to the demands for these specialized skills and services.

Our Foreman – Tony Heyden, once an engineer with the British Royal Navy and a previous employee of Quantam Marine Engineering, has headed up the department since its infancy.  Tony is still authorized by Quantam and Naiad along with other brands to perform services on their products here.  He is very ably supported by Ryan Giles, a native Savannahian whose background is in aviation but who has been with us for the last 4 years having spent some years in the machine shop before switching trades.

Both are passionate about troubleshooting, breaking down and rebuilding stabilizer systems.  Despite being a highly efficient team of two, the demand for hydraulic services is so great, that they are actively recruiting new team members for the department.  Tony, Ryan and TMI have in their words “recognized the need to expand their shop and diversify their department so that they can make a bigger impact on their customers’ demands for quality control, knowledge of all systems and greater attention to smaller details”.

Tony is fast approaching retirement.  He is very much looking forward to it and has been actively planning his future for some years now.  He will be greatly missed by all of us here at TMI as he will undoubtedly by his many loyal customers, but we are confident that he has imparted a great deal of knowledge onto Ryan.  We wish Tony well for a long, healthy and happy retirement.