Employee Spotlight: Paula Reinitz (Accounts Payable)

Paula, who graduated from Lloyd Memorial High School in her hometown of Erlanger, KY first visited Savannah in 1994 at the tender age of 28, with her family.  In 2002, she committed to a new life here with her husband Mike,  their 4 children and their 7 grandchildren – initially working for Gulfstream, an internationally renowned private jet building facility as office administrator with payroll responsibilities.  After meeting Mr. Tom Brooks (a colleague here at TMI), she developed an interest in accounting thanks to his guidance and his enthusiasm for the subject of numbers.  As a result of his tutelage, Paula has been responsible for the Accounts Payable Dept., which includes preparing our paychecks and so understandably, she is loved and respected by all at TMI, but for all the RIGHT reasons!

In 2015, Paula ran the JCB Mud Race for charity.  Such was her enthusiasm, that she managed to coax a number of other employees to join her in 2016 – all of whom have vowed to relive the experience and support the same charity again this year,  in the summer of 2017.  She is passionate about trains, steam  in particular, taking her vacation riding one whenever time permits.  She has 2 personal wishes in life, one is to ride the Orient Express from “wherever it starts, until wherever it ends” and the other is to become a published author as writing is an equally strong interest of hers.   “The Diary of a Steam Train Traveller” comes to my mind…