In these last 6 months, visiting yacht crew and Thunderbolt Marine employees have generously answered the call to help improve the quality of lives of many who were affected by the recent hurricanes in both Texas and Georgia.  Thanks to Paula Reinitz (Accounts Payable), we embarked upon a massive drive to gather much needed goods for those in devastated areas where provisions and supplies were exhausted in the wake of Harvey.  Her request garnered remarkable support from so many here who were able to search their hearts and closets for everyday necessities like food and toiletries – things we all take for granted until we are without.  Little did we know at that time in late August, that we would be requesting similar once again for those in our own area affected by hurricane Irma.  

The depths of some people’s kindness knows no bounds and for the holidays this year, we rallied together to “adopt angels” through the Salvation Army.  Again, boat crew and yard employees did us all proud!  We had bicycles and scooters, and tablets, and toys, and clothing, and games, and balls for every sport, treasures for all ages and for all sizes lining the corridors of the Project Management offices here at TMI.  Our contact for the charity was entirely overwhelmed with the response as were our customers and subcontractors who dipped into their pockets offering cash, checks and even more toys!

Our most sincere thanks to all of those who participated in this program as your tangible contributions will make a huge difference to little ones in our area, but I hope that the act of giving gives you as great a reward as a new bike will to a 10 year old!